Episode 2 - Non-Human Subjects & One Health

In this episode we discuss the legal geography of non-human subjects and the One Health approach to the pandemic with Professor Irus Braverman (SUNY Buffalo). Taking us through her career as one of the most significant scholars within Law & Geography, Professor Braverman guides us through her work with non-human subjects (like trees, zoos and more recently corals), talks with us about the importance of dynamizing established categories such as the Nature/Society binary, and discusses how they operate within law.

Irus Braverman is a professor at the law school of the State University of New York at Buffalo (USA), and also teaches at the geography department of that university.

She has recently published a number of books that explore the interrelatedness of law and nature:

In addition, she coedited the seminal The Expanding Spaces of Law: A Timely Legal Geography (Stanford University Press, 2014).

For more information, please visit her personal website, her faculty website, and her SSRN page

In the podcast we mention this piece on the One Health principle.

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